• You!

    “Do small things with great love.”
    Our family bears its heart and soul in the friends and volunteers who come forward with the pure heart to serve and share their time with our didis and children. Kat katha welcomes volunteers from across the globe to join hands and walk with us in our little efforts for change. The only criterion is to serve with the love and compassion. :)


    Help teach the children and women. Elementary subjects, performing arts - dance, art, theatre etc. Life skills and moral sciences.

    Exposure Visits

    Become their window to the outside world. Take our family to exposure visits, picnics etc.

    Community Services

    Organize street plays, street walk etc to sensitize the community on various issues.

    Management and Technical Work

    Data entry, documentation, Web designing, Social media and content writing.

    Fund Raising

    Help us connect to other organizations and people to raise funds and participate in charity programmes.

    Above all, keep hailing your wishes and prayers. In the down pour of love, we will be more than obliged to get drenched. :)


    Sanchi Chandna


    Sanchi Chandna

  • The Team!

    Our kids and Us
    The Kat-Katha team is build by young students and professionals from various branches of life. The core team Comprises -

    Founder - Gitanjali Babbar

    Gitanjali aka Babbar Maa the soul of our organization. PG in Journalism and a Gandhi Fellow. Her energy is the food for all of us. Didis best friend and children’s partner in crime!


    Head, Think Tank and Aid - Kushal Sinha

    B.Tech, IIT Delhi, 5 years Strategy Consulting experience with E&Y & SDG helping with direction, structuring and raising funds for Kat-Katha


    Head, Resources - Nibedita Parajuli

    MA from Delhi School of Economics. Works with Kat-Katha to mobilize and source resources while working with children at site


    Head, Marketing - Kaustubh Khade

    B.Tech, IIT Delhi, 3 years experience in Marketing & Product Management , Website development, Social Networking and Idea Generation.


    Finance - Vivek Kumar

    A CA professional with 4 years of Accounting experience at Grant Thornton. Inhouse expert of finance & accounting.

    Ritumoni Das

    MA in Social Work, M.phil from JNU. Worked as Program Manager with NACO at GB Road project.


    Pratyush Rajvanshi Babbar

    Non-profit professional working in education and livelihood. Earlier, a McKinsey consultant and engineer from BITS, Pilani.


    And ofcourse -

    The students

  • Pay!

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  • Kat-Katha

    We enable & empower women working in brothels to fulfil aspirations that give them new avenues of sustenance, personal freedom, self-reliance & acceptance of their work & themselves.

    Sex Workers in Kolkatta

    To bring women in brothels to fulfil basic aspirations like arts & crafts, dancing, tailoring, weaving, basic education to empower them to be independent & stronger both inside and outside the brothels. The group looks to build over the basic functions of sex-education/ awareness & health care, to help the women make informed choices for themselves.

    Kat-Katha is committed to

    Kat-Katha is a ground up program, touching lives at the grass root level.

  • Our Work


    • Build trust and faith in their community.
    • Establish a presence in their lives and place of residence (brothels).
    • Establish one on one relationship.
    • Start Confidence build up and self esteem development.


    • Transition to workshops.
    • Professional training , guidance, counseling to mould their aspirations into life choices.
    • Hone their skill sets and help them attain level of required proficiency.


    • Life independent of sex work.
    • Framework to help them seek opportunity and employment.
    • Provide resources and connection to provide opportunities & employment.

  • Team Speak!

    Firdoz's story at Kat-Katha.


    A simple story of a complex world - Ritu

    While on our visit to one of the brothels, we encountered a girl with beautiful eyes, hiding behind her a heart touching story. The most special thing that she shared with glow on her face was that, she is blessed with dancing and singing abilities. Her love for dancing and singing was pretty evident and one could see the passion in her eyes, as her eyes sparkled when she discussed how well she could sing and dance. She with her earnest interest, kept on explaining the specifications of dance and music and that she had been appreciated many times by her audience. It was awesome to see her leaping with joy when she boasted of knowing the technicalities of these arts. We were happy with the fact that within the much criminalised world of GB road, we could meet a girl who glows when she talks about her interest. But as life is unfair and not everything is hunky dory, her story also had a twist to it.

    The lovely girl also sadly admitted that she hardly takes time out to pursue her passion as she seems to find no use of it. The sadness which was peeping out from her sparkling eyes had a story to tell about, how she once had to spend time at correction home after a police raid, which eventually lead to decline in mujra mehfils in her room, which actually made her feel sad as the thing which she loved had stopped now. Her story instantly compels us to introspect ourselves, that on one hand we see a state protecting women from sexual violence by taking actions, and on the other we could not stop thinking that a single event had changed her life and had put her wishes behind the curtains. The sadness in her eyes and the feeling of being distressed had reached us even though there was a silent conversation of despair and pain between us. A question that kept haunting us was, whether it was the fault of that woman to be surrounded by complexities of this society and surrender her wishes just because she is a sex worker and her being so is a crime?


    I did go to “give” and I am here “receiving” down pours of love :) - Sanchi

    Kat Katha and our entire family of didis, children and the volunteers has the power to create MAGIC!!

    When I joined Kat Katha I had this stupid sense of ego. Thinking “Oh Yeah! look at me world! I am here leaving behind all my work to help these women at GB Road!”

    But in these ten months the everyday welcome with all the kisses and hugs that the children mob us with; the welcoming smiles of the didis on GB Road which almost makes me feel like home; the chai aur baatein with the didis which never end on the apparently “prohibited” staircases; lunch time-sharing with the children; evening prayer and more than frequent activity time has blossomed the sweet-smelling flowers of love and compassion in me.

    My sense of ego and proud that I had earlier just melted away.In a free flow I was taught to serve( sewa) in the most heart-filled manner and expect nothing in return. To work with them rather for them. Their love just seeped into the wall I had formed around my heart, healing me of all the distress form the past.

    I feel so fortunate and blessed that our didis and children gave me the space to serve them and be a part of their extended family!

    I seek blessings from the almighty to give our tiny little family all the nurturing love and support that we need to keep us growing and spreading smiles and sunshine!

  • Gallery!

    A day at the science fair.
    Kat-Katha visited the science fair which brought the marvels of physics to the smiling faces of Kat-Katha.

    Kat-Katha behind the wheel.
    Kat-Katha took a trip out and the journey was as much fun as the destination.

    Trip to India Gate.
    Kat-Katha took a day to see Delhi's favourite hertiage site.

    The world through 3D lenses.
    Kat-Katha had their first 3D movie experience.

  • Covering Kat-Katha in the Media!

    Red Rickshaw Revolution.
    An organisation journeying to celebrate ordinary women doing extraordinary things across India covered Gitanjali Babbar.

    Spark The Rise.
    Spark the Rise is a unique online platform for change-makers across India to connect with one another, collaborate and exchange ideas, procure volunteers and donors, and to compete for monthly grants from Mahindra.

    Times of India.
    Times crest, the special edition of the Times of India covers Kat-Katha and the work we do .

    Youth Action Net.
    Youth Action Net strengthens, supports, and celebrates the role of young people in leading positive change in their communities.

  • Our Partners!

    We are a non-profit organization providing a community and resources for local youth from low-income backgrounds to learn, teach, be creative, and see the world in new ways.

    Delhi Police Yuva Foundation.
    To take all possible initiatives to wean away young adults and under-privileged children, who for want of proper educational and sports facilities may take to crime, in selected Police Stations.

    We are an organization based in New Delhi, India, working to impact issues of social justice through youth citizenship action.

    Working together with young people we advocate for youth development, participation and leadership.

    Youth Alliance of India.
    We are a group of committed citizens whose dream is of a nation whose youth feel equipped with skills to solve problems of their communities.

    Moved by Love.
    A portal dedicated to acts of radical generosity.

    Lawyers Collective.
    Established in 1981, Lawyers Collective is one of the leading public interest service providers in India with a proven record of setting high standards in human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation.

    Manav Sadhana.
    In 1990, a team of young volunteers, inspired by Gandhian values, began gathering under the branches of a tree in the Gandhi Ashram every Saturday to play with street children.

    Indian Medicine Development Trust.
    To provide health facilities to the community.To immunize children and proper check-up to the pregnant women and post natal care

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    Registered Address:10-B, Highway Apartments, SFS Flats, Gazipur, Delhi-110096
    Mobile:+91 98718-40247
    E-mail: care@kat-katha.org
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