Because it grows as it spreads.


    Because when everything's dark, a smile lights up the room.


    Because we all thrive on it, don't we.

  • We are not an organisation, we are a


    With a unique vision which unites us all.


India has over 15 million sex workers largely in three red-light districts of Sonagachi, Kamathipura and G.B. Road. 98% percent of them have been forced into sex work through trafficking. They live in brothels as puppets without an identity of their own, sexually abused and economically and socially dis-empowered. Kat-Katha wants to create a replicable model to empower women forced into sex work and their children to build a life based on their dreams. 

Our vision is to end forced sex-work.

We, at Kat-Katha believe that to break the shackles of the society we are bound in, we need to do more, more than just stand up for our cause, more than just walking on the selfsame path or even taking a few steps in that direction, we need to open our eyes- and hearts to the world, to take a few moon-leaps of faith. We need to rise.


The RISE Approach has become a way of experiencing life for us. It has gone from being a means of achieving our goals to a worldview, a lifestyle. We live, breathe and emulate this concept in all that we do, every minute of our existence within Kat-Katha and without.



Making the women aware of their rights and giving them an identity.


Building a community and instilling confidence among sex-workers.


Providing alternative livelihood focused skill training and building confidence.


Providing a full time school for children’s academic, social and emotional development.

It's a long journey to our vision.

Come, walk with us.

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